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Products and stories
for tiny humans

Products and stories for tiny humans


My name is Lotte and I am a mom and a wife, but above all, I am that kind of person who loves to create, experience and see the fun, beauty and humour in the everyday things in life.

That is why I created Tiny Crab Stories. ‘Tiny’ because the products are aimed at those tiny little monsters that we all love so much (at least most of the time). ‘Stories’ because this is not just a webshop, it is a platform for parents that not just want to buy unique and beautiful items for their kids, but share an interest in unique and beautiful items in everyday life itself. ‘Crab’ because this dream was brought to life in the urban jungle that is called Singapore and (chili) crab is one of THE local dishes. And because they are so damn cute and my own little monster does the best crab dance you have ever seen.

a dream come true..


Taking some of the most beautifully created sustainable Dutch kids brands with me to Singapore has been a dream come true. All items are carefully selected by myself and designed by true hardworking and inspiring creatives.

This online platform is the place to get inspired and to find products that are both authentic and made with a serious amount of passion. And here is the best part: everything is for sale! If you are looking for a classic new-born gift, the first onesie for your little one or original nursery items, Tiny Crab Stories hopes to provide you every look and feel.

Feel free to say hi, I would love to hear from you via hello@tinycrabstories.com

With love,

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